Direct TV to offer TVG Interactive Horseracing Channel

Are you a horse racing fan, or know someone who is? You enjoy a good night of wagering at the local off-track facility or casino? Direct TV customers will soon enjoy access to the TVG Interactive Horseracing Channel for a fun night in. Approximately fourteen states have access to the channel already, with more to come in the near future.

As part of the TOP 60 package, the Interactive Horse Racing Channel offers real-time viewing of national racetracks across the country. Whether you want Thoroughbreds, Harness Racing or Quarter Horses, there are many options on the new channel offering.

Direct TV customers will be able to use their remote to access wagering and handicapping information. If they choose to take advantage of Internet options to place bets on their favorite animals, this provides an easy night of entertainment at home.

If you are looking for an exciting and inexpensive date night, just tune in to the Horse Racing Channel Interactive and study the stats. You and your family and friends can bet on the selected animal and before the race from sending them on the path to place! Very little is needed to place a bet, and for under $ 20 you manage to entertain the entire household for the evening.

No special hardware is needed to use all the interactive horse channel inclusive packages. Your regular Direct TV receiver and remote will automatically select when you subscribe to the TOP 60 package race.

The track conditions, race length and horse statistics from the current and past racing season, all with the touch of a button. When considering a bet on a race, this information can help to determine the best strategy.

Unattractive track conditions can greatly affect the outcome of a race and performance horses. It is important ahead of time whether the route know wet or dry, and what the horses past performances have, as in this type of environment have been.

Ads historical performance of each horse will give you the times and distances, as well as the last place on different race lengths and track conditions. This will help you to judge how to appreciate what is their likely performance for the current race.

Direct TV has received the highest rating among all consumer satellite providers because of their reliable service and signal and tailored programming. Horse racing is not easy to find a specialized area of interest with other providers and service types.

The interactive horse racing channel, the viewer can physically interact with the event. No other type of service enables an interactive system between the viewer and the program.

Subscribers also have access to several replay shows, and programming with the wings and the season in retrospect. Horse racing fans can now access their favorite tracks from the comfort of your home, without sitting in front of the computer to access online racing feeds. Direct TV offers a variety of customized special packing adapt to your individual taste!