Famous Oil Painting in Movies – season with Motion Picture

Famous Oil Painting in Movies – season with Motion Picture Arts

In modern times, have large oil painting reproduction masterpieces of a status symbol. The combination of beauty, popularity and the multi-million-dollar price tag have made the big oil painting in the world, luxury goods from the rich and famous sought after.

The prestige of the art has turned to the canvas, as more and more oil paintings their way to the walls of the majestic scenes in movies. Many stage producers who try to give the perception of class and a luxurious ambience are adding high-end reproductions of famous paintings in the background to spice up the scene.

Never was this more evident than in the “Ocean’s Eleven” movie trilogy. The film, which is actually a remake of a famous movie rat-pack in 1960, (in my opinion) the coolest cast ever assembled in Hollywood, since the rat pack mentioned above. With brilliant and exciting actors like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, had the producers, a world of unsurpassed luxury and style.

I happened to both sequels see last week’s Ocean’s Twelve and thirteen, and I was amazed to see in the background walls of Terry Benedict shiny office, the ruthless casino mogul (played by Andy Garcia), the famous Klimt oil painting, Adele Bloch-Bauer I , the same painting, which is in reality bought at the Neue Galerie in New York City hanging from cosmetics tycoon Ronald Lauder for $ 135 million two years ago and is considered by many to be the Mona Lisa of New York City.

When I saw Ocean’s Twelve and Adele sparkling gold tones in the background, I thought that the producers of the film really their home work and has the most expensive oil painting known on the background of lush Terry Benedict humans. But in Ocean’s Thirteen, Adele was still hanging in the background, but the painting was down by all it is extended gold and silver tones had only …

Ocean’s Eleven is one of many movies that have used art to create a sense of style and luxury in their scenes. Another hit movie of the past, had introduced the famous and extravagant works of art, is “I am Legend” staring Will Smith. Here, art is playing a different role, destroyed leaving the world of civilization basically of a deadly virus, Will Smith, the only living person in New York City, taken hangs in his living room the famous Van Gogh oil painting, probably from the Museum of Modern Art on Fifth Avenue.

It’s cool to see that the producers of the film noted that even if you were the last person on the face of the earth, you’d still like Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso hanging on your walls have.

So the next time you get the chance to see a great movie film for the art on the walls, and see how it comes to the story relate. It’s great when two separate artistic worlds such as paintings and modern film production engage each other and feed on each other to create a new interpretation for both media.