Gamblers spend their money 7 times faster at online casinos

Gamblers spend their money 7 times faster at online casinos

If you think about it, this should not be considered a surprise, as the nature of the Internet is the speed and convenience. Why are so many online players so dissatisfied with their casino of choice?

Jon Hingston, Customer Satisfaction Manager at Casino Genie says: “We have interviewed recently 2,500 online players, and the result was amazing all almost 78% of respondents said they would change casinos immediately for a more realistic gaming experience, regardless of bonuses. accrued or how long they played there had. We think that this will take care of all online casinos. There are several new products introduced to the market this year start, which is the way interact with the players with online casinos change. Companies Crunchy Frog as are the introduction of 3D gaming experience similar to that of the thumb nation (the youth market) experience in their games. ”

So why is player experience the way forward? Hingston says: “. Currently online players play multiple games at once, in order to maximize the great for casinos and is a good adrenaline rush for the player their online experience, it is once the adrenaline on and the computer is turned off, the player feels” utilized. “you have, more often than not, more money than they thought and have” slightly negative feelings “towards this online casino.” “He goes on to explain that the innovators in this sector will try more realism in all players bring experience and slow the game down.

Slow the game down? Will not that the casinos profit to reduce? “The truth is that online casinos,” says Hingston, “is more loyal customers have to spend in this way. Secure customer slower, but the wealth of experience means more, they engender a more more loyal customer base. It is worth mentioning that obviously some players may decide that 3-D gaming is not for them and return to their previous best casino. So need 3-D operators to offer a 2-D version.

So it is clear that, as with all sectors before start the customers to make the online gambling sector. The customer is king. But this year, only the companies that understand this and do something about it so much.

And our advice for online players is to look around and not be satisfied with average. It is a world of opportunities coming this year that could easily change how you market feel about online casinos.