Games for Thinkers

Thinkers enjoy the challenge and stimulation of brilliant games. They enjoy games for the pure thrill of the performance of their thoughts and judgments in the pursuit of victory. You can take pleasure in any number of great games. Here is a selection of recommended pastimes. Add them to your Christmas list:
1 Chess
Chess is the king of games. It is purely a brain struggle between two heads. It teaches strategy, tactics, positional play and the benefits of absolute concentration. Every home should have a set. Every child should learn to play. Everyone can enjoy the challenge.
2 Scratching
Scrabble is the classic word game. You can play it with 3, 4 or 5 people, but it is ideal for couples. Luck plays a small role. They have the most of whatever letter tiles are in hand to make the resources available on the board. Experienced players will see remarkable opportunities and know a number of obscure and short words that they sent to use.
3 Monopoly
This is the game that Fidel Castro banned when he came to power in Cuba, because he saw them as a model for capitalism. There is a large element of luck, but the triumph experienced players often because he or she has focused on the right resources and quickly developed a series. It teaches trading skills and probabilities.
4 Bridge
There are many great card games, but for sure the finest bridge. The tender and the play of the cards represent two different skills in the game with amazing subtleties. Good players played at all the cards and can quickly deduce that lie hidden cards. Most players learn whist first to bridge nearing completion.
5 Cluedo
This is a popular family game that makes a lot of fun. Can you together the clues and figure out who the killer is?
6 Backgammon
Backgammon is an excellent game for two players with his own blend of luck, skill and gambling. You can choose risky strategies or cagey and double the value of the game on occasions.
7 Poker
Some people mistakenly think that poker is all about bluffing. It is a very demanding intellectual exercise in which read the skilful players their opponents. You need nerves of steel and very good understanding of probabilities, to be successful. This is to learn a costly game and it can be dangerous, but it sure is one of the biggest pastimes of life.
8 Dingbats
Symbols are picture puzzles or visual word puzzles where you figure out the common phrase or word of what you see represented. The advice is to say, what you see – but you can look sideways enough to see the answer?
9 Articulate
This is to enjoy a fun game for friends and family. So you need to quickly describe to your team members without facial expressions.
10 Trivial Pursuit
The Mother of all quizzes. This is your general knowledge and the ability to think in the same test clever ways to use the puzzle setter.
11 Pictionary
You have the words to draw their importance to your teammates to explain. This will test your graphic thinking skills. It can be both frustrating and hilarious.
12 Charades
Charades is a well-established game in which you have to mime the meanings of names, phrases or titles. You need to think and find clever ways to get the message across, come without talking fast.
13 Lateral thinking puzzles
Lateral thinking puzzles are strange situations in which a person knows the solution and others have to ask him or her questions. The quiz master can only reply, “Yes, No or irrelevant you must be the problem come from different directions, check your assumptions and put the clues together fun with friends and family…