Halloween Costumes for Dummies: Easiest Homemade Halloween Costumes

Here is a guide to homemade Halloween costumes for people who have two left hands. You can learn how to make classic Halloween costumes easily and even here in the last minute. The costumes described here require neither sewing nor special materials and can fit any age. Now that you are left without excuses, go to one of these customs:

Ghost Costume


3 meter long, white cloth
white tracksuit
Black and white face paint or make-up
Glitter Body Spray

Cut a hole larger than the head in the center of the white cloth and wear it over the tracksuit
Cover the face with white makeup and rub some black makeup under the eyes
At the end, spray the hair with some white glitter

Zombie Costume


old jeans and t-shirt
black face paint or make-up
false teeth

Rub and tear the old clothes so they would look ragged.
Color black under the eyes, so that they would look hollow
To bring in fake teeth and your hair messed up, so it would look unkempt

Glow in the Dark Skeleton


black tracksuit
black knit cap
black gloves
old sneakers
glow in the dark skeleton wall decoration
Glue gun and glue

Cut the pieces of glow in the dark skeleton wall decoration and they. The tracksuit at the joints with the glue gun
Cut the skeleton mask and attach it to the knitted hat.
Cut the skeleton palms and attach them to the gloves.
Finally, put your feet on the old pair of sneakers.

Mummy Costume


white tracksuit
white sheet
Black and white face paint or make-up
Baby Powder


Tear the white sheet into long strips
Enter the tracksuit and wrap the paper strip around you
Cover your face with white face paint or make up and draw dark circles around the eyes
Finally, some baby powder spray in the hair and on the paper strip

Bride of Frankenstein
2 or more old black nightgowns in different lengths
black cloth
black makeup and black lipstick
black hair spray


Wear the shorter nightgowns on top of the longer
Create a veil with the black cloth
Put dark make around the eyes and put on black lipstick
Spray your hair with black hair spray

Black Cat Costume

black tracksuit
Construction paper
black marker
Black face paint


Create a tail using the construction paper and attach it to the back of the black sweat pants with a stapler.

Create a cat ear headband with the rest of the construction paper: first, a two inch wide strip long enough to cover the end and leave a few inches to the ends would attach cut. Then create pointed ears with a folded paper. If you decide to decorate them with spots or stripes, do it before you attach it. The ears should be secured on the paper strip from its lower edge with a staple. Finally, try on the band around the forehead and staple it to their ends.

Enter the tracksuit with the attached tail

Paint drawing whiskers and a black nose with the face