Jazz Movies: The best films about jazz

Everyone knows that The Jazz Singer was the first sound film in history. In the nearly 80 years that have passed since then, many jazz singers, jazz musicians and jazz orchestras, or were the subject of many films. Here you can have three of the top films can read on jazz for jazz fans and fans of good cinema.

Bird 1988

Bird was the nickname of the great jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. Bird is also the title of the biopic directed by Clint Eastwood, who was directed to Vogel, who has fought for wide recognition for his music and fights with his self-destructive tendencies until his death at the early age of 34 years. But avoids the film, the stereotype of the rise and fall of drug addicts musicians. Especially thanks to Eastwood, whose love of jazz is evident in every scene of the 160 minute feature. Talented Forest Whitaker plays a prominent leading role of the bird.

Charlie Parker fans do not need this recommendation, but they would probably appreciate the fact that the film soundtrack features original song from Bird. Those who have seen documentaries about Parker enjoy, would be the great work of preparation Whitaker was made for the role. Fans of Clint Eastwood filmography harder would not be disappointed, because Bird is definitely one of the best if not the best, films of Eastwood.

Round Midnight 1986

The character of Dale Turner, whose affair with a young French fan of the plot by Bertrand Tavernier film from 1986, was inspired by several musicians such as Lester Young, Bud Powell, and more. The great jazz saxophonist Dexter Gordon donated his personal experiences and encounters with the world of jazz, the role of the troubled jazz saxophonist of his home life and moved to Paris in search of admiration leaves create. In Paris, Francis Turner Borler meets a local supporter, the caretaker, who is his success helps him in his struggle with alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anger do.

Whatever your taste in music, Round Midnight is an optimistic film that celebrates the love of the people and the power of music. Unless your heart is made of stone, you have the scene in which Turner Borler observed from the other side of the road when he ordered orange juice in a cafe, without shedding a tear can not be observed. Jazz fans will be happy to know that Herbie Hancock is responsible for the Oscar-winning film music.

Mo Better Blues 1990

A gifted trumpeter, both in his professional and personal life can not make the right decisions, is in the middle of Spike Lee’s film 1990. Denzel Washington plays the role of the fictional New York trumpeter Bleek Gilliam, the. Having two girlfriends, Joie Lee and Cynda Williams, a competition saxophonist, Wesley Snipes, who is to take it passes through the Quartet, and a manager, Spike Lee tangles with gambling problems

As the son of jazz bassist estimated, Bill Lee, Spike Lee, born and raised in the world of jazz. However, Mo Better Blues focused primarily on Bleak personal questions. If you expect unusual insights, you might be disappointed with excellent acting and good music, but it’s still quality entertainment. Bill Lee was responsible for the musical score, the music of Miles Davis, Branford Marsalis, including Abbey Lincoln and other contemporary jazz musicians.

Bottom line, you do not need as much as you’re not a fan of jazz to a good movie to appreciate a good sci-fi movie to enjoy an Android. Whether you are a jazz fan, or if you fall asleep listening to the sound of an alto-sax every time, the three films are recommended above worth seeing.