The history of Secret Santa

Those of us who have worked in an office, are the Secret Santa tradition familiar. It is popular in the workplace but also in large families. The basic idea of the Secret Santa tradition is that small gifts are given anonymously in a group. Although the tradition is very popular, the origins of the less are known.

The original “Secret Santa” is an American philanthropist named Larry Dean Steart, who lived from 1938 to 2007.

Larry Dean Stewart is not always money, in fact the story of how he started, is a true lesson in generosity. After graduating college, Larry found himself broke and living in his car in Houston, Texas. One day he was very hungry and decided to go in a restaurant, even though he knew that he pay no possibility for a meal. When the check came, Larry acted like he had forgotten his wallet. Meanwhile, the owner of the diner could tell what was going on, and knew that Larry to have no money. He gave Larry say a twenty dollar bill: “You must have left this fall.” Larry never shown by the owner who forget him kindness. A year later, Larry was out of work again. This was the second time he was dismissed from a job in the week before Christmas. He stopped to get something to eat and noticed that the carhop did not wear a coat in the middle of winter. Larry found out that they do not have enough money to buy one and pay so gave her a twenty dollar bill for his two-dollar food. Later in life, Larry was repaid for his kindness from a cousin who helped him find a good job in Kansas City. He went on to make millions in cable television and long distance phone service industry.

Larry walked perform random acts of kindness, not only during the Christmas season, but throughout the year. In 26 years, he gave away a total of 1.6 million dollars. He did this one hundred U.S. dollars at a time, and always anonymous.

Based on the original concept, there are now variations of the tradition. One of the most popular of them is the White Elephant Gift Exchange. This is also known as The Thieving Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, devils, Santa, Dirty Santa and the Grinch game. The idea is that each participant bring a gift to the party, which may be present for one of the people. The gift is also in a way that from which it is wound. The participants draw names from a hat to determine, and then proceed with a gift that you can select at a time. Once opened, they have the option of opening another gift, keep the gift or theft of a previously opened gift. Some other secret Santa variations are the gifts or a period of days, and also Casino Christmas where participants either gift or money choose.

Inspired by the story of Larry Dean Stewart generosity, there are websites dedicated to the organization of the “Secret Santas” world. These people perform random acts of kindness in their field and network to support people in need. The organization also has a creed, which highlights the importance of anonymity. A good Secret Santa is not only anonymous but generous as well.