Why Do People Play Free Slots?

The reasons why slot players play free slots, more precisely, free slots online has become the subject of debate between me and a few friends of mine. The main argument against them is always “why bother? They can not win everything.” While this may be true, I can understand the allure of free slot play. Let me share some of the main reasons why I believe free slots are so popular to sketch.

Number one: It does not do anything to free to play. Okay, I know some of you are thinking “Way to go Einstein., We can say for sure who is wearing the big brain today!” OK I hear you. That was obvious. But in a nutshell, that’s why people play free slots. You do not have to risk their own hard-earned money that the gambling rush and the thrill of playing to get a slot machine. Surely most of you can see the logic in that.

Number two: you can play free slots on your laptop from the comfort of your home. Hell, they can play on their iPad or their phone now. No advance planning necessary. Just sit on the couch, hit the Internet, log on to an online casino and you are ready to go! Every online casino I have ever played on you can free play their slot machines, if you choose to. They are based on the fact that sooner or later most of the players get tired of playing free of charge and will usually succumb to one of its free cash bonus offers and choose to play for real money, at some point bank. And finally, do most players. But the point is, you can all play slot machines online for free, if you want. Try free founded a slot machine in a land based casino. Not going to happen. Not now, not ever. And, you have to drive to the factor that you have, or to fly to a land based casino. You closest casino to my house away is a little more than an hour. Playing online is much more convenient.

Number Three: Some people just want to play. For some people, like my wife, it’s not about the money. Victory and defeat, while important, are secondary to the entertainment value. People play online games all the time. Heck, how many people, and their children by the way, you know that at this Angry Bird game be addictive? For many, they just want to be entertained. Play free slot game is nothing more than entertainment to them. The money just does not matter. It is exactly the same as playing an online pinball. Also POGO.com has slot machines that you can play online for free.

I know that there are more reasons why people might want to play free slots. I’ve tried it. Frankly, while I like to play the games, it’s just not the same for me if the money is not involved. It’s for a while in order. But sooner or later, I have put some money, or I get bored. You might want to try to play yourself and see if it was what you might want to be.